Umut Yapı

About US

Umut Construction, founded in 1974, builds on its strengths with 40 years of
experience, knowledge, and professional service in the construction industry.
Umut Construction is active in all areas of civil engineering, particularly in
infrastructure projects, and has achieved a high level of quality and trust in the
services it provides to the private and public sectors.
With both qualified staff a strong “machine park” , Umut Construction
continues to complete many important projects in Turkey and abroad. Umut
Construction is developing a global presence with international projects and
operates in Syria as Umut Construction, in Egypt as Nour Construction, and in
Kazakhstan as Umut Construction/Kz-Nur Construction.
Umut Construction serves many important sectors of the construction
industry including road and railway construction,canalization and domestic
water construction,stream improvement,cantilever crossway construction
and infrastructure work,harbor ,irrigation and pond construction, hospital,
hotel, goverment office, business center construction, stadium, sports facility
construction,housing estate construction and land use work.
Umut Construction follows the international quality, environmental and
safety regulations in all of its projects both domestically and abroad. Umut
Construction is also certified in ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001
Environmental Management, and OHSAS 18001 labor-worker’ s health and
job safety-security.
In recent years, Umut Construction has sharply increased its labor force and
machinery in parallel with the increasing business volume inside and outside
of Turkey. Umut Construction has a history of successfully completing several
major projects at the same time, including high-tech formwork and
scaffolding systems used in superstructure construction, backhoe and loader
machines in various sizes, concrete plants constructed in different parts of
Turkey and Kazakhstan, and hundreds of construction equipment/machinery
with the skilled technical staff, logistics, and maintenance crews.
Umut construction is among the major construction companies in Turkey and
it is a prestigious organization, which performs all of its projects on time,
adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, and does not compromise on

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