Umut Yapı

Fields of Activity




Upper and lower passages


Road and railway tunnels

Water transmission, diversion and power tunnels

Wastewater tunnels

Sea and river underground tunnels

Metro tunnels

Galleries and shafts

Oil and gas pipelines and networks

Water distribution pipelines

Sewerage Networks

Stormwater networks

Drinking and potable water networks

Microtunnelling jobs


State, county and village roads

Street and road construction works

Airport runways

Airport apron and construction of taxiroute

Fill dams

Concrete dams

Arch dams


Irrigation and drainage facilities

Regulators, dams, reservoirs

River regulation works

River improvement works

Flood protection facilities

Flood traps

Construction activities related to land consolidation

Works on farm development services

Port, wharf, pier construction

Marina construction

Construction of offshore platforms

Breakwaters Fishing port, the boatyard

Shipyard pool construction

Coastal protection, fortification, marine deposits and spur jobs

Subsea pipelines

Sea crossings within the tube

Marine outfall structures

Sewage treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plants

Water treatment plants

Drinking water treatment plants

Of field work for sports and recreation areas

Arrangement of landscape works pitches

Surface and platform works


Restoration works of immovable cultural property

Reconstruction works on cultural property

Changing the work function of immovable cultural property

Military facilities and buildings


Airport terminal buildings

Houses of worship

Administrative buildings

Indoor sports halls

Culture and convention centers

Museums and concert halls

The stadium, the hippodrome and veledrom

Commerce and shopping centers and complexes

Housing Works

Train station buildings, ports and stations

International trade fair center and the complexes

University and educational buildings

High buildings (5) and above star hotels and 1 class resorts

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